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CLICK HERE for your 1 stop link to ALL locations you'll need for the Breckenridge Doubles Tournament                             


Breckenridge, Colorado          
Location of Summit County's Top Tournament
Carter Park Beach Courts
Two Sand Courts.  Possibly Early Morning Use Saturday/Sunday.
Silverthorne Beach Courts
4 Sand Volleyball Courts: Friday Dinosaur Doubles and Saturday-Sunday Open Play.
Breckenridge Rec Center
Location of Grass Divisions, Check Map Above for Division Location
Frisco Adventure Park
1 Ball Field for 1 Grass Division, Check Map Above for Division Location             
Kenosha Steakhouse
Excellent place to go Friday night.
Napper Tandy's
Saturday Night Player's Party; Free Beer 8:30-9:30 (bar is located 1 block east of Main Street on Lincoln Avenue)